What does the weather look like on the day of your flight?
Live Interactive Camera North Side Point of the Mountain (Live view of the NORTH flight park)
Live Interactive Camera South Side Point of the Mountain (Live view of the SOUTH flight park)
3 Day Aviation Forecast - (See what it did yesterday, what it will do today and tomorrow) Forecast - (National Weather Service - Salt Lake City Forecast)
Surface Winds Now - (See what the wind is doing across the entire Salt Lake Valley) 

South Side Weather Station  - (Recent Weather Report for the South Side Point of the Mountain Flight Park)
Winds Aloft - (See what the winds are doing higher up)

Forcasting Tool - How to predict the day

GOES Satellite Sounding  - 

Well, if you have ever received a weather forecast you will know it is just a best guess scenario. The only way to really know is to show up.
The computer can show it is bad weather but the flying could be great and vise verse. In order to take the guesswork out of it for you, we will constantly watch the weather throughout each day and give you updates as they become available. If the weather is not looking good for the day you chose to fly, we will alert you via phone, email and text. You can always log into your account here on our website to get updates too. 
While we can't predict what it will do a month from now, we can get a really good 2-3 day forecast and have access to the current weather conditions. For your convenience, we have added those links above.