Colombia 2021!   

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Ditch the winter clothing and come fly in paradise!


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Colombia is known as one of the most paraglider friendly skies in the world and now, you have a friend to fly with in the Colombian Andes!

NSA Paragliding has been guiding pilots in Colombia for the past 8 years and are now extending the offer to newer pilots.
This guided course is aimed for pilots just getting introduced into thermalling with a desire to make and break their personal bests while paragliding in paradise.

While you may have heard of the paragliding town in Colombia, Roldanillo, as the meca of paragliding bliss in the winter, it does require a little bit of experience to get the most out of your day there. Typically in Roldanillo you launch once and maximize the day by flying for hours around the friendliest clouds in the world.

For those who have never flown in thermals for hours, having a chance to launch 2, 3 or even 5 times a day is a game changer.

Piedechinche, Colombia is the perfect site for newer pilots. With the ability to launch early in the morning all the way through sunset, you can pick and choose when you fly based on your comfort level.

NSA Paragliding will provide:
- Pickup and drop off from the airport (CLO) *under 1 hour drive from airport to hotel.
- Lodging in a great hotel near launch with the availability of private rooms, AC, hot water on demand, refreshing pools and more. 
- Rides to launch, retrieval and back to the hotel.
- Breakfast every morning.
- Professional instructors on launch and on the radio for guidance.
- Daily XC theory coaching before, during and after flights. 
- Opportunities to fly tandem with a coach to get hands on tips and tricks on mastering XC flying.


January 16th - 24th, 2021 
*This includes 2 days dedicated for travel.

After this week long paragliding vacation in Piedechinche Colombia, NSA Paragliding will join on January 29 - February 6th 2021 for their intermediate to expert pilot course in Rolldanillo. This is the grad school of paragliding university for pilots who have a number of hours thermaling and are ready to fly many hours from a single launch every day. If you want more than what Piedechinche has to offer, you will want to join us in Rolldanillo. For those that want it all, join us in Piedechinche to warm up and then in Roldanillo for some more smiles for miles. 

$2,200 USD for the full week or $300 USD per day to customize your trip.

- Current paragliding license.
- Basic ability of launching and landing on your own.
- Basic thermal flying skills. 
- Complete paragliding equipment suitable to your skill level. 
- Reserve parachute re-packed within the last 6 months prior to the course.
- A good 2-meter band radio.
- GPS device for location. Can be phone in most cases.
- Accident insurance which covers paragliding. 
*Strongly recommended a Verio and a Garmin (Delorme) Inreach communication device with knowledge of how to operate them. 

**What about Covid?!**  - We have thought about this as our highest priority and concern. Currently (October 2020) Colombia does not have any travel restrictions for US citizens and they are still planning on holding the competitions in the country this winter. Most airlines have policies in place to be able to change your tickets if travel is restricted due to Covid. 
We are planning the future we want while understanding that if something comes up, changes will need to be made. Feel free to ask us more about this subject. 
For more information or to customize your trip, please send an email to: or click: BOOK NOW to tell us more about yourself and reserve your spot. (Space is limited)