Paragliding Experience / Thrill Seeker Flight   

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These flights take place mainly at the North Side Point of the Mountain Flight Park in the evenings and generally get much more altitude than the Tandem Discovery flight.
With more altitude, you have more freedom to experiance the true magic of human free flight. After some brief instruction, this smooth, scenic flight lasts anywhere from 20-30 minutes where you may have a chance to take the controls. Let your instructor know if you like rollercoasters because if so, get ready for one of the best rides you have ever been on! Toward the end of your flight, your instructor can take you through a series of descent maneuvers that will make your head spin. But only if you ask…
Don't forget to get the pictures added to your flight! The ultimate package. *

CLICK HERE to watch a Thrill Seeker Flight! 

Because these flights guarentee you will get higher than where we launch from, scheduling them at the right time for the wind to be perfect is important. After you book this flight for the day that you want, a Nice Sky Adventures team member will contact you to work out the best time to come out on that choosen day based on the weather. 

Don't worry, we are flexable. If the weather doesn't work out the day you wanted, the next flyable day will be available to you until you get to fly.

Contact for more info. 

*Recommended maximum weight limit for paragliding tandem thrill seeker flight is 220 lbs All Tandem Flights are conducted for educational and training purposes.