Paragliding Experience / Cross Country Mountain Flight   

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Want to get the most out of a paragliding flight? Go XC. This is the ultimate form of paragliding.


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* Mountain sites have been restricted recently. Please call Nice Sky Adventures for more info.

As an all day activity, you and your instructor / tandem pilot will find your way to the top of the mountains where the views are like no other.

After some brief instruction, you and your pilot will find thermal lift that will allow you to cover a great deal altitude of distance. The true adventure is trying to go as far as you can without knowing where you are going to land.

While the event lasts most of the day, this flight lasts anywhere from 40 minutes to 2+hours. *

CLICK HERE to watch a Cross Country Mountain Flight!

*Recommended maximum weight limit for passanger on the xc paragliding adventure is 200 lbsAll Tandem Flights are conducted for educational and training purposes.