Paragliding Experience / Introduction to Paragliding Lesson - Fly on your own!   

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If you want to skip the tandem and learn to fly on your own, this is where you start.


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Want to learn how to fly a paraglider on your own? Get a taste of free flight as you control the paraglider yourself on the very first day with a introduction to paragliding lesson from Nice Sky Adventures!

During this 2-4 hour lesson, you will learn the basics of our equipment and the weather you will fly in. Before the day is over, your feet will leave the ground as you take your first flights on your own.
While it takes more than one day to learn how to fly a paraglider safely 100% on your own, your instructor will have you do most of the work your first time. As you get more control, you move higher and higher up the hill until you fly from the top! 
Most people make it about half way up the hill on their first day. 
Your instructor will work hands on with you on the ground to get you ready to fly on your own. When your feet finally leave the ground, you will be getting instruction in your ear with our 2 way radios. 

It does not get much better than this. 
Come see why the Nice Sky Adventures at the Point of the Mountain in Utah USA is one of the best places in the world to learn how to fly!

CLICK HERE to see what a intro lesson looks like. "It's like that, and that's the way that it is."
*If after your first lesson you want to complete your training and certification, your future lessons will be $75 an hour. 

The better you are, the less expensive it will be! 

(Most people need at least 20 hours to fly without instruction. Call for details.)

*Recommended maximum weight limit for paragliding lessons is 250 lbs