Paragliding Experience / Per Hour Lesson Package   

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If you want more than just a taste of flight, this is the plan for you.


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Looking for an affordable way to get into paragliding or to further your training?

From P1 (beginner) to P-4 (expert), this option will make sure you have the skill set necessary to confidently fly on your own without direct supervision or instruction. 
Some people complete the beginner course in as little as 10 days while others take several months. No matter how long it takes, you will need to complete a minimum of at least 10 flying days, 25 flights and 8 hours of ground school to get your beginner rating. After that, you can fly on your own but still have a lot to learn!

Utah’s “Point of the Mountain” and surrounding launches are world renowned as one of the best places to learn how to paraglide and hang glide because of its consistent and good flying conditions.

Whether you are looking for basic training or one on one coaching while flying in the mountains, this is the plan for you. 
*Most lessons run 2 hours or more depending on weather and availability. Getting your rating as a solo-paraglider pilot is based on proficiency and certain USHPA requirements.
**Some people need more time to learn necessary techniques than others. 

***Recommended maximum weight limit for paragliding lessons is 250 lbs.