Paragliding Adventures
Paragliding Adventures
Paragliding Adventures
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“Thrilling Expert Flight! I flew tandem with Alex March of 2015. Not only was he an expert pilot, but was very understanding of my need to read lips. It is rare that someone adjusts to this, especially when they must be behind me when flying. The whole experience was wonderful, even the two previous attempts that had first too much wind and then too little. The company is very supportive of what type of flight their customer wants, and makes sure that happens. In the end, the wind was perfect and my experience is one I would like to repeat.”

Peter - New York

“Where do I even begin!!?? You guys are simply the best!!!! Not only we were so impressed with your knowledge, safety and genuine passion he had an absolute blast with you! We got the pictures back from the flight and they are now my most cherished possession!!! I have never seen a smile so big on my boyfriends face captured on film before I could tell he had the time of his life! THANK YOU so much for keeping the person I love the most safe while he got to live out his dream of flying We will most certainly be back for more!!!!”

Dani - Utah