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Canoa, Ecuador | 2nd Annual Fly-In | November 2023


Canoa, Ecuador | 2nd Annual Fly-In | November 2023

Come Join us for some of the smoothest beachfront soaring in the world! 

NSA Paragliding will join Canoa Suites in hosting the 2nd Annual Fly-In, in Canoa, Ecuador. - Suitable for all skill levels of flying - 

Located 1.5 hours north of Manta (MEC) Airport, Canoa, Ecuador, is a coastal town that offers paraglider pilots an idyllic setting to take flight. Nestled along the Pacific Ocean, Canoa provides a perfect blend of sea and sky, with its expansive beaches and impressive cliffs. As a paraglider pilot, you'll have the opportunity to launch from the cliffs overlooking the shimmering waters, catching the ocean breeze as it carries you effortlessly through the air. The panoramic views of the coastline, with its rugged cliffs and endless stretches of sandy beaches, will leave you in awe. With favorable wind conditions and a warm, tropical climate, Canoa invites paraglider pilots to indulge in the exhilaration of flight amidst a stunning coastal paradise. 

Soar with the local Frigatebirds and link miles of coastline on a single glide.

Work on your ground handeling right on the sand in front of your lodging.



November 24th - 27th, 2023


$500 USD for the Fly-In | Nov. 24th-27th, 2023


Day One - Nov. 24th:
- Arrival and check-in at Con Todo, Canoa
- Welcome breakfast provided at the hotel
- Introduction and briefing about the paragliding fly-in event

Late Morning:
- Gear check
- Paragliding ground handling training session with experienced instructors

- Lunch delivered to the hotel
- Free time for participants to relax and enjoy the beach or explore the local area

Late Afternoon:
- Group transportation to a nearby paragliding ridge soaring location
- Enjoy ridge soaring while taking in the scenic views of the coastline.

- Dinner at a local restaurant, where participants can savor traditional Ecuadorian cuisine
- Optional evening activity: Cultural dance performance or live music

Day Two - Nov. 25th
- Morning yoga session to stretch and relax before the day's activities
- Breakfast provided at the hotel

Late Morning:
- Surf lessons with professional instructors
- Learn the basics of surfing and ride the waves of Canoa Beach

- Lunch delivered to the hotel
- Free time for participants to enjoy beach activities, such as swimming, sunbathing, or beach volleyball

Late Afternoon:
- Group transportation to another paragliding ridge soaring location
- Experience more thrilling paragliding flights and explore different areas

- Dinner at a local restaurant, featuring traditional Ecuadorian dishes
- Optional evening activity: bonfire gathering on the beach

Day Three - Nov. 26th
- Morning yoga session to energize the body and mind
- Breakfast provided at the hotel

Late Morning:
- Excursion to a local attraction or activity popular among Ecuadorians, such as a visit to a nearby market or a hike to a scenic viewpoint

- Lunch delivered to the hotel
- Free time for participants to relax or engage in optional activities like horseback riding or kayaking

Late Afternoon:
- Group transportation to the final paragliding ridge soaring location
- Enjoy paragliding flights into sunset, capturing memorable moments from the skies

- Farewell party at the hotel with a large celebration, food, and entertainment
- Traditional Ecuadorian cuisine and live music or DJ
- Highlight the achievements and experiences of the participants during the fly-in event
**All Itinerary items subject to change. 

NSA Paragliding will provide:
- Pickup and drop off from the airport (MEC) *1.5 hour drive from airport to hotel.
- Lodging in a great hotel near launch with the availability of private rooms, AC (In select rooms), hot water on demand, ocean views and more. 
- Rides to launch, retrieval and back to the hotel.
- Breakfast every morning.
- Professional instructors on launch and on the radio for guidance
- Daily opportunities for ground handling practice with and without coaching.
- Opportunities to fly tandem with a coach to get hands on tips and tricks on mastering coastal soaring.

(Camping and fly-in is available to attend for free. No services provided.)**

After this Fly-In, join us on November 30th - December 03 in Chone, a newer XC launch 45 minutes away from the beach. 

Set site records as we explore this region
 with local guides. 

Chone Requirements:
- Current paragliding license.
- Basic ability of launching and landing on your own.
- Basic thermal flying skills. 
- Complete paragliding equipment suitable to your skill level. 
- Reserve parachute re-packed within the last 6 months prior to the course.
- A good 2-meter band radio.
- GPS device for location. Can be phone in most cases.
- Accident insurance which covers paragliding. 
*Strongly recommended a Verio and a Garmin (Delorme) Inreach communication device with knowledge of how to operate them. 
For more information or to customize your trip, please send an email to: info@NSAparagliding.com or click: BOOK NOW to tell us more about yourself and reserve your spot. (Space is limited)

*Ask us about planning a complete trip for you to enjoy more of Ecuador. 

Fly into Quito (UIO) or Guayaquil (GYE). From there, book a separate ticket to Manta (MEC) if you are not driving all the way. Airport Transfers available from Manta (MEC). 
Coconut Hotel, Canoa, Manabi, Ecuador. https://goo.gl/maps/MdhzTsKqpwKhp3Rh9
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